Andy Steenstra has been a valuable Grandville City Council member because he not only researches the issues and takes care of the business before him, but also comes up with innovative ideas that help the city and its residents.
— Steve Maas, Mayor of Grandville


Fiscal Responsibility

Over the last four years, I have worked to implement sound financial practices for the city.  In that time, I was a leading voice to balance the budget and we began to save for capital improvement projects rather than borrow. I have also voted down city council pay raises, every time. 

In the next four years, I will advocate the continuation of these simple practices to ensure that the city's future is built on a solid financial foundation. 


City Beautification

With a vision to make Grandville a better community now and for the future, I have worked diligently to invest in beautifying the city.  We have accomplished this by empowering groups to clean up Buck Creek, plant more trees, and dream about new city parks.  I personally have advocated for saving funds for new capital improvement projects and the hiring of a code enforcement officer to keep Grandville beautiful. 

I will carry this vision with me into the next term, specifically working to increase the quality and quantity of trees, create rain gardens, make the Grand River more accessible and family friendly, and work toward capital improvement projects that your children will enjoy decades from now.  


Community Engagement

It is my belief that the core function of a city is to serve its residents, and to do that it must engage the community.  I have worked to empower citizen volunteers over the last four years to get involved in making the city better.  One great example is the Grandville Community Tree Project which empowers residents with a passion for trees to advocate, educate, and help other residents plant more and better trees.  In addition, I have continually supported community feedback through community meetings, resident surveys, and strategic vision casting work sessions that are public. 

Over the next four years, I will work tirelessly to increase the communication from the City to residents; so, as a resident you have more information regarding how and when you can get involved with making our community a better place now and for the future.