lee cook.jpg

Lee Cook, Grandville City Councilman

"Andy has a positive and forward looking approach to making Grandville a better place to live."

Carole Pettijohn.jpg

Carole Pettijohn, Grandville City Councilwoman


Josh Meringa, Grandville City Councilman

Russ Ripma.jpg

Russ Ripma, Senior Neighbors Board Member 


David Hodge, Grandville-Walker Foundation President


Stan Ponstein, Kent County Commissioner representing Grandville


Mark Huizenga, Mayor of Walker MI

"It is my privileged to publicly endorse Andy Steenstra for the Grandville City Council.  I have been able to work with Andy the last several years to co-facilitate the new Grandville-Walker Foundation and to see his passion for local  government."


Martha and Eric VerMeulen, Friends of Buck Creek Supporters

"Informed and accessible, Andy Steenstra consistently supports measures that improve the quality of life for all Grandville Residents" 


Josh Leatherman, CMO of Service Express Inc and Former Chairman of the Allegan County GOP

Stan Stek.jpeg

Stan Stek, Kent County Commissioner representing Walker