I am a councilman in the city of Grandville who is running for re-election. I enjoy community, big ideas, and a level of authenticity that politics desperately needs.

Born and raised in Grandville, it has been my family's home for three generations where my grandfather grew a church, his ancestors built a bakery, and my father leads a Christian school. I care about this city, and I care more about the people in it. This is why I serve, and why you can trust I will listen to your voice while serving a second term. 

After four years as a Grandville City Councilman, leading successful sales teams at Service Express Inc, and serving on the Grandville-Walker Foundation Board, I have developed the leadership experience needed to drive meaningful results. As I have fought for fiscal responsibility, community engagement, and city beautification, results have become evident around Grandville. I ask for your vote once again so that we can continue the effort to make our city a better community now and in the future.